The concept of communication is crucial to cater understanding. Verbal is the most common way of conveying message to each other but there is always a barriers due to different culture, parlance, slangs, street words and others that alters understanding. Handshake is simple mode of communication that represents a gesture of agreement or acceptance. Essay , idioms and other writing or typing is typically clear when the message is accepted by knowledge of reading and deciphering the contents otherwise unknown characters or language used could lead to misinformation. Electronics communication like morse code, Barcodes, QR Codes and other electronics mode of distributing messages needs knowhow. In other words, there are many mode of communications with various route to misunderstanding and only one mode is fun and error accepted information, that is the “jojiiii concepts .”


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Jojjiii Concepts

Jojjiii’s conceptual communication is about silent method of sending information to both individual and groups in a simple approach. It is muted and showy messages that you can be utilized to convey instruction, proposal, desire, disgust, joy, love, admiration, greets, invitation and more in a poetic style. It is mode of catering suggestion via quotes, thoughts and poetry. It is your trade for motivational idea, inspirational concept, influential reasoning, provoking written opinions and suggestive notions.

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