Patent number: 8925568

This is the smart gas valve that will prevent unattended cooking fires. The gas valve communicates directly with the smoke alarm that shutoff automatically when smoke or fire is detected.

The gas valve can also be controlled via cell phone apps, If you forgot that you are cooking at home, you can turn off your gas stove even away from home. Just use your cell phone or let your smoke alarm to shut it off for you."  It has a safety features that can only be reset manually at home.

The newly invented safety electrical device is candidate for Building Code as an added consumer safety device.

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Smart valve is capable of automatic SHUTOFF the main source such as  liquid, Air , Water  and Oil Pipes. The valve can be programmed utilizing internet access. 
It is invented to focus on consumer safety and environmental protection against hazardous circumstances such as gas fire, large water leakages and oil discharges.


 NAME AND USES: (Family Patents)
1.Shut That Gas is the product name for the smart valve that handles gas and fuel flow from the main pipes. It can be programmed to respond to smoke sensors, cell phone  applications, telephone calls via smart devices.


 2. Shut That Water is the product name for the smart valve that control the water flows from the main lines. It can be programmed to automatic on and off system. It can also control the water pressure.


 3.Shut That Pipe is the product name for the smart valve that monitor the flow of the oils from the pipe lines. It can be programmed to computer system and determine the volume of oil releases and discharge
It can limit the distribution based on the desired load needed by the oil compartments. 


 4. Shut Off Petcock - is the product name for the Automatic Shut Off Petcock in the event of Vehicle Fires.

It is capable of shutting off the vehicle fuel lines automatically in case of extreme car fires. The fuel valve have auto shutoff system, if valve is consumed by fire, the oripice will automatically released to lock and stop the flow of the fuel. 

Almost 7 decades ago that smoke alarm was used only for its annoying sounds and yet, it never stop the fire. Making the smoke alarm to communicates to a gas valve is now easy by utilizing  wired and wireless technology combined with  the smart valve.  It can turn off cooking appliances and can be programmed to a different tasks. You can also control it with your smart phone.

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of kitchen fires. The U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 172,100 home structure fires per year started by cooking activities. That is the average of 471 home cooking fires per day. These fires caused 530 civilian deaths, 5,270 reported civilian fire injuries, and $1.1 billion in direct property damage per year.

This device helps prevents kitchen fire from unattended cooking.

The National Fire Protection Association is the leading supporter of safety devices.. It is mandated in the building code that all new housing and building structures are required to have safety valve to avail state safety approval.

Systems and methods for automatically re-routing power

Patent number: 8810980

systems and methods using an interruption device for automatically re-routing power upon the occurrence of an event. The interruption device may interrupt the flow of power to an external device upon the detection of an event, such as a circuit overload or short circuit. Interrupting the flow of power may cause power to be cut off to a receiving connector, which supplies power to the external device, by re-routing the flow of power away from the receiving connector by the use of relay switches. By interrupting and re-routing the flow of power, an electrical fire, damage to the external device or other hazard may be prevented. Once the source of the problem, such as a defective external device, has been removed or fixed, the flow of power may be re-routed back to the receiving connector.