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Welcome to Jojjiii’s T-Shirt & conceptual communication with muted notions that eradicates misconception to a mode of communication . It is clothed with simple phrases that changes the methodology of disseminating the blanket information.

You can convey your thoughts, idea, quotes, poems and proposal to your family, friend, unfriend, enemy, stalker, peeper, neighbor, lover, crush, idol, guru, pets, astronauts, cosmonauts and others without saying a word.

Just hang out.

The T-Shirt Phrases:

Without a word to spit, you can jojjiii your friends with the message in a poetic and artistic approach.

“Just a gag or from the heart, they will surely listen.”

Best friend stays beside you, even your pocket is empty


Success is not final, downfall is not failure. It cultivates knowledge to our journey

Thoughts and Quotes

The taste of freedom begins the day u make ur own choice….”

You need to have a better plan for your life than just being at home...”

If u choose a career, make ur heart involve….

Misunderstanding exist when both person have different opinion to the same topics….”

The Logics

Something Cute

“Chico, u r cool in wet look fashion… Gosh! Maria, u missed my diaper”


“Compadre! u can lick my diaper but not my momma’s milk”



“Sweet kisses keep the day romantic which inspire us to celebrate fireworks”


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